Thursday 19 February 2009

Au revoir L - New Zealand beckons!

Some (more) self-indulgence on this site... My dearest and longest-standing friend flies off to New Zealand tomorrow for a new life - she has a wonderful job lined up and, more immediately, a wedding to attend (not hers, I hasten to add!). It sounds like absolutely the right move for her. But I must admit to having a heavy heart at losing (to distance, at least) the kindest and most tranquil friend, who always knew what to do in every situation (and knew how to party!). Together we had the best times in my life and some of my best memories. L, I told you not to hug me a second time yesterday - it proved too much!

So farewell and the most love L, good luck and bon voyage. We'll miss you. I look forward to linking to the blog you'll be setting up about your big adventure!

UPDATE: L's set up her blog at: