Friday, 8 April 2011

Camping again

Latest addition to the family
Hubby has just bought this tent. It's a serious tent. I think this means we'll be going camping some day soon. Oh lordy lordy.

It's a step, or two, up from our previous 'starter' tent - you can see that and read about our earlier camping experiences here:
Carry on Camping
Camping it up again
(yes I'm running out of camping puns now)

and you might be interested in this post: A socialist's guide to camping, (including the fan mail at the end of it...)

Any suggestions for interesting family camping places in the UK?

Rest assured though that I shall be insisting on a 'proper' holiday too. A girl's got to plug her straightners in somewhere...


Marion said...

WOW! That really does look like a serious tent.
I would think the New Forest would be a good place to start. (A quick Google came up with Minstead Manor Camp site at Lyndhurst - they have toilets and showers!!)
If that doesn't appeal, try ''
Good luck!

kevin said...
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hilly said...

there's a mad one at bodiam with no rules, and a nice one at tunbridge wells with firepits, which is romantic in a smoky kind of way. There is a terrible one just outside rye with rules for everything.

Plummy Mummy said...

As a test weekend you could try the campsite in Abbey Wood :)
I don't envy you - I could never go camping. I need a room with a shower and a mini bar

Raven said...

Thanks for your suggestions. The New Forest, mini-bar and romantic campfires are all good (though with kids we tend to enjoy these in descending order..)

We rather liked the look of this one:

Anyone been? It looks painfully cool and hip. Will we stick out like the suburban newbies...

While I've got my blog friends together, what do you think of the new scrolling events box at the top right of the page - useful or annoying? (Hubby thinks latter...). Am I just being vainly dazzled by my own coding triumph?

Marion said...

Wowo looks good. I like the mod cons (fridge, washing machines, showers). There's no mention of a bar though!
Whether you stick out like suburban newbies doesn't matter.
Just be you and enjoy the fresh air.
I suggested the New Forest because it would have the added attraction (for the children) of new foals, and the excitement of possibly glimpsing deer and, of course, it's not too far away.

I'm afraid I agree with hubby re the scrolling events box but I DO like the rolling horizontal thingy at the top of the page. (Excuse the technical jargon.)

Raven said...

Thanks - New Forest on the list. So far, we've only camped under the security blanket of the Scouts and locally in a tame field in Avery Hill/New Eltham(the Scouts District HQ), with all facilities and close to home of course.

On the scrolling box, I agree, and as a compromise, I've moved it to the bottom of the right side-bar.

On another matter, Marion, I hear you're a yoga afficienado now...!

Marion said...

With my knees???
You must be joking!

Plummy Mummy said...

RE: scrolling text.
I can see why you have added esp as you do have a lot of information on your site. However, scrolling text can be hard to read.
Also well done you for coding (more than I can do). The next step in your design evolution is to learn that less can be more.

There is a useful article here you may want to read -

Too many sites use scrolling text now and it does lead to banner blindness where you just don't read what's there as it's likely to be an ad.
A minor point on your events box - in firefox, there is a bit of a flicker with it which makes it hard to read.

Raven said...

Yes, it was a moment of madness. I shall evolve.

I've moved it out of prime view, just for myself (until I can find a html/java gadget to add to my igoogle page - I genuinely like to to reminded about everything, all the time and all at once!)