Saturday, 3 September 2011

Holiday return round-up

We're back from our annual French sojourn having left Eltham, London and the UK in that surreal state during the disturbances. (I shall hopefully write soon about our trip to Fayence, France...)

The explanations or excuses (take your pick) and remedies about the unrest are in full swing, though it's surprising how quickly the new agenda has moved on already. There's a comprehensive round up here on the 'Dan Cull Weblog' of articles about the unrest - predictions, eyewitness accounts, main and non-mainstream analysis, TV and radio links (including that incredible Starkey interview on Newsnight just as we left to go away).

And today, the EDL are seeking to exploit the general unrest by going ahead with a static march in Tower Hamlets. I really hope that all ends peacefully in the east end today, the police seem to have brought in a lot of resources.

I see changes have been afoot in Eltham. There's a new, lovely-looking little cafe on Westmount Road, the 'Woodnut cafe'. And I hear that the much-beloved Eletriq Cafe is closing and a branch of the chain Prezzo is opening there instead, on 11 Sept? Say it ain't so somebody! There are also some sub-continental goings-on in the Old Greyhound pub - more on that shortly too...

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Marion said...

I hope you had a lovely, restful holiday in Provence.
I SO envy you!

In Eltham, we now have a predominance of four types of business:
charity shops,
what I call 'cheap tat shops' and eateries.
If it wasn't for M&S and Debenhams, we would be totally lost.
I'd have thought there would be a limit to the number of same type businesses allowed in one small town.
No wonder more and more people are now favouring Welling and Bexleyheath for their shopping.