Monday 3 October 2011

Don't mention the war

Co-incidently, following on from my last post on Blitz archaeology in Eltham, this piece appeared in yesterday's Telegraph about a woman who:

"... lived in Sydenham – an area of south-east London severely damaged by Hitler's V1 and V2 rockets. Bombs had exploded around her childhood home. Many a long and terrifying night had been spent in the air-raid shelter."

It's a touching story by a son about how his mother came to terms with a nation which she had for so long perceived as the enemy.

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Marion said...

Ahhh. My very earliest memory is of sitting on a bunk bed in an undergound air raid shelter in Greenwich.
I could vaguely hear the bombs dropping all around.
Sometimes we didn't go to the shelter but, instead, my mother would make up a bed for us on the floor, under a heavy wooden table. That way, if the windows were blown in, we would hopefully be sheltered.
What terrifying times those must have been for parents. Having been born in 1940,I didn't know any different.