Thursday 17 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow

OMG it is a whiteout out there! This part of the south-east of London is now officially under several inches of snow, with more falling heavily.  Will university be open tomorrow, will the trains be working and will the kids' primary school be closed on what would be their last day before the Xmas holidays?  Time will tell. I shall wait to see how things lie in the morning.

At least I can say that Greenwich Council have had the gritters out earlier this evening. Pretty snow photos to follow tomorrow (hopefully).


Plummy Mummy said...

It's so pretty isn't it. My hubby made it into central London without a hitch today and said there is no evidence of snow there. I bet his homeward bound trip won't be as easy.

Raven said...

The silent snow is very magical especially if you don't have to get anywhere fast. Everything turned out, in the end, to be working this morning, once I had managed to establish that the kids school was open, after much frenzied texting between the school mums.

Why o why (as they say) isn't there a national schools website you can log into to find out whether a particular school is open? There are some (incomplete) websites but not a national one.

Overall, London seemed much better prepared than during the February snows.

Pretty pictures will have to wait until I can face tangling with the bluetooth thingy!