Wednesday 23 December 2009

Snowy White Christmas in Eltham, London

This is a bit of a picture post (click on any photo to enlarge it, then Ctrl + minus or plus). As you can tell I am totally entranced with the snowy state of south-east London (though pretty terrified about driving out on the ice). The picture on the left is our back garden, and on the right a view of our street.

Also following the snows on Thurs/Fri 18-19 Dec, a sunnier view of our street (top left) and of the back of a forlorn Eltham Train Station (top right).

Then, just as we thought it was all over, the snows came down again during the afternoon of Monday 21st. I happened to be meeting hubby and the children in the high street (they had just been to see Santa at Ruxley Manor, Sidcup - they said it was good, well worth it) and snapped the two photos above of the lovely old church, St John's, which sits on the main crossroads where Eltham High Street meets Well Hall Road. I know that not much of the church is visable but the scenery looked so pretty with the Christmas lights. Btw, you might be interested to know that the church has been the subject of some wonderful 'guerilla gardening' recently - you can read about it here.
And finally, just as we returned that day to our snow covered car, here's a festive view of the wonderful Normans Music shop in Well Hall Road - long may we continue to have such independent shops in our high street.

'Blogging may be light' (as they say) with all that is happening at the moment - we are off to the Mother Goose panto at Greenwich Theatre tomorrow; we've been for the last three years and Andrew Pollard's productions (and his dame) never fail to disappoint. I hope you all are having a safe and lovely time, whatever you are doing, and even if you are doing absolutely nothing! Ciao.

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