Saturday, 12 February 2011

Royal Artillery Barracks as 2012 Olympics venue

The Telegraph have a quick guide today to the Royal Artillery Barracks as a London 2012 Olympics venue during 28 July to 6 August.  It says:

"Some 7,500 fans will be able to view the events from temporary grandstands erected at each shooting range."  Wow, that's a lot - good chance for the area to promote itself. Hope the local cafes will have enough buns in.

Also, "There is still a considerable amount of uncertainty as to what legacy the event and venue will have, with organisers working alongside the government to identify any opportunities". Look forward to hearing more about that.

They've also got a piece here about 2012 Olympic use of Greenwich Park for:
Equestrian jumping, dressage and eventing: July 28 – Aug 9
Modern Pentathlon: Aug 11 – Aug 12


Marion said...

Hmmmm. I'm a bit sceptical about this.
As I grew up, I used to think of Greenwich Park as my own personal playground so, naturally, I feel a little possessive.
They say they won't be cutting down any trees. No. But they'll be up-rooting some, intending to replace them after the event.
How many will survive?
I'm not happy!

Raven said...

How lovely to have grown up with that wonderful park. I can see why you'd be possessive. I know lots of local people are worried about the effect on the park of all the Olympics upheaval.

I've been thinking that it's time for a permanent venue for the Olympics, maybe rotating between 2-3 venues on different continents, if we must. Sacriledge I know. But given the vast resources needed, diversion of govts/councils from other tasks, environmental cost etc. maybe it's the way forward.

Marion said...

I couldn't agree more, my dear.
Let Athens have the Olympics..... permanently.

Plummy Mummy said...

Sigh. One wants to be positive, one really does. But sometimes it's hard this is a bit of a traffic hotspot and if it's going to be taken up for any considerable amount of time, I hope that they will consider that people need to get to QE hospital that is on the other side of the barracks, to shooters hill road (and then the A2 to get anywhere around London), to the Woolwich ferry and to Plumstead. I cross my fingers and pray that it doesn't end up being a nightmare for both residents and visitors to the games. I also wonder how the 7500 will get to the Barracks - they will have to walk up from Woolwich Arsenal station...should be interesting to see that!

Marion said...

But this is all planned by people with limos.
They won't have thought about that.
Just like the people who decided that the pedestrian crossing outside Morrisons and Tescos at Welling, where it's needed, should be moved much further up the road to where it isn't needed.
I'd advise those who can to take their holidays whilst the Olympics are on. It'll be chaos.

Raven said...

Important points about the traffic, esp. the hospital access. I guess we usually trust that someone has thought about this!

Well Marion, I saw a few months ago that apparently some people in Greenwich have already got firm bookings for 2-week rentals during the Olympics for their flat/home, while they themselves go away for that period. And there's always that website where you can rent out your driveway for people to park on!

Paul W said...

Greenwich Council did consider access to the hospital before it gave planning permission for the Olympic shooting on 17th Feb last year. The note of the meeting on the Council's website says

"While there would be some disruption to hospital users, it was not anticipated to have a significant impact. Furthermore the closures and diversions would be well publicised befoire implementation. The emergency services had not objected to the proposed road closures".

Raven said...

Many thanks for that Paul.