Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas to those celebrating - to the religious, to the fun-seekers and the agnostics.

I hope our kids are enjoying things so far. We've been well 'christmassed-out' from before the schools broke up.  This atheist was forced to go to TWO performances in local churches, and two school concerts. While I clearly don't agree with the 'god' bit and would prefer schools to take a secular approach to religion, the visits to church were good occasions for getting people together - it's difficult to think of other local organisations which do that in the same way.

Today we had our usual Christmas eve visit to Greenwich Theatre's pantomime - this year Aladdin. It was another brilliant production by Andrew Pollard (it's on until 8 Jan).

Outside of cute children doing cute stuff (a little of which is always a good thing), and the chance to go to the theatre (even if it is panto), Christmas really is one big stress-inducing, time-sucking, consumer-fest. What a bah humbug.  Then, just when you think you are clear about all this, some generous person goes and gives you a lovely gift, someone who has actually taken time over it and you feel even more guilty for not loving it all.

Or you make a Christmas cake (actually a banana and sunflower seed cake) with your daughter and have to deal with realising how disproportionately excited you are about having made green-icing xmas trees, complete with silver ball decorations.

For now though, the kids (and hubby) are tucked up, their presents arranged and Santa has been left his snacks.  A dip into the xmas issue of the New Statesman beckons, with perhaps a wee baileys. Just think, only a few months before we have to do this all again.

Have a good break, one and all.

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Marion. said...

Well, I received an exceptionally welcome gift and have a lovely, atheistic, theatre-going, cake-making blogger to thank for it.
Thank you so much.
And a very Happy New Year to you and your readers!