Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Just enjoyed our usual New Year's Day walk around Greenwich Park on this unusually mild winter's day at 12c. We came into the park close to the Henry Moore sculpture (called 'Knife Edge'?) and made our way down the hill, with our kids on their little bike and scooter.

St Mary's Lodge by the main King William Walk gates appeared to be open for teas and other 'diary pub' items. Then a right turn to admire the Sammy Offa wing, the new face of the National Maritime Museum now opening on to the Park.

The kids visited the playground while at the same time declaring it too young for them now. As the drizzle started we took a steep hike back up the hill to 'One Tree' and took in the inscriptions on the benches about Queen Elizabeth I having once stood there enjoying her "pensive thoughts".  The gathering rains saw us speed walk the rest of the way, while my 7yo son and I regaled passers by with a Take That medley as we peered out from under our umbrella.

Happy New Year.

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