Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Norris and Dobson found guilty of Stephen Lawrence's murder

The media are abuzz with reactions to the verdict announced today in the trial of the 1993 murder of Stephen Lawrence. Dobson and Norris found guilty, to be sentenced tomorrow.

Twitter is awash with reactions ranging from the factual, the relieved, and stronger reactions centering on views about Eltham - some thinking it is a racist town (can a whole town be racist!?) and others getting very defensive about Eltham (and as always, there’s also a more extreme tendancy but I’m not going to go there). Here’s a selection:

The factual:
GdnPolitics Guardian politics
Timeline of the Stephen #Lawrence case from @sandralaville bit.ly/uXOblE

JudiciaryUK Judicial Office
Following today's verdicts the Court of Appeal's full judgment in R v Gary Dobson can now be published bit.ly/vTbLOV

NewsShopperJR Jamie Ross
Stephen Lawrence murder trial - the background bit.ly/tjFlLz

BBCDomC Dominic Casciani
The microscopic evidence that caught the killers of Stephen #Lawrence: Our guide to the forensic work bbc.in/vFJeng

politicshomeuk politicshomeuk
The former MP for Eltham, where Lawrence was murdered in 1993, said that the police had learnt lessons, however.

CliveEfford Clive Efford
Stephen Lawrence’s family finally have justice and it is testimony to their dignity and determination that it has been served today

jonsnowC4 Jon Snow
Our crew filming point where Stephen Lawyrence died had racial abuse shouted at them from a passing white van:locals say it is commonplace

issuesinthenews Gbenga Akinyooye
Stephen #Lawrence was murdered in 1993 in Eltham, South London. Why? Because of the color of his skin. 18years later, justice is done.

RachelReevesMP Rachel Reeves
When Stephen Lawrence was murdered I was 14 living in S London near Eltham and was so upset & shocked. 19 yrs later justice finally comes.

MarkCF83THFC Mark O'Neill
@DuwayneBrooks Pleased for Stephen's family but specially for yourself. So easy could have been you left by the side of the road in Eltham.

politic_animal Political Animal
Peter Bottomley on #bbcnews demonstrating that he is one of the most sensible of Tories. Always forget that he was MP for Eltham in 1993.

amandapbishop Amanda Bishop
@fleetstreetfox hope so, the other lot strut around here (Eltham) like gangsters. 2 down 3 to go

tom_watson tom_watson
The #stephenlawrence verdict. I could almost weep.
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@dalekwidow Fiona James
@tom_watson Me too! It's been far too long coming. I went to school in Eltham so this has been close to home #Lawrence #Justice

TonyNewsCamera Tony Smith
Fascinating admission in 5Live vox pop. Most young people in Eltham hadn't heard of #Stephenlawrence 18 yrs a long time

patrick_kidd Patrick Kidd
Eltham should also be known as former home of Frankie Howerd, Bob Hope, Herbert Morrison, E Nesbit and WG Grace, not just racist killers

journojames JournoJamie
Just been past The Lawrence Memorial in Eltham. People already turning up to lay flowers.

darryl1974 Darryl
Well Hall Road, Eltham. Photographers at Stephen Lawrence's memorial. Police watching from a distance. pic.twitter.com/Kff0FRS7

charlieconnelly Charlie Connelly
As an Eltham boy meself am pleased to see Stephen Lawrence getting some justice at last. Not a day for celebration, but reflection.

tpearce003 teresa pearce
RT @DPJHodges: : open letter to Stephen Lawrence's killers > tinyurl.com/7bjrscg > Telegraph //I grew up in Eltham & recognise this

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