Saturday 28 April 2012

Our Moshi monster birthday party

We pushed the boat out last Sunday to give our daughter the Moshi monster themed birthday party she wanted for her 10th. If you haven't got pre-teens you may not have heard of the Moshi phenomenon - I hadn't until recently. Apparently "One child every second signs up to Moshi Monsters, the fastest-growing children's gaming site in the world".  It has made it's British London-based creator, Michael Acton Smith, a young multi-millionaire - you can read more about him and it, here

After a mad search for all the dressing-up bits, including some help from Twitter in searching for face paints in Eltham, and big thanks to my mum-in-law for sewing and e-bay sourcing, and all-round wonderfulness of husband, we managed to present 'Elder Furi' (my daughter) and 'Zommer' (my son) - picture above! I think a good time was had by all. Happy birthday to our double-digit daughter (*sobs*, they are growing so fast...).


Plummy Mummy said...

They look brilliant!

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old son has a moshi monster party in a couple of weeks and I've been searching the internet frantically! Can you tell me where you got your purple wig please? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

Raven said...

Thanks Plummy!

'Anonymous' we got the purple wig from:

Altho advertised for an adult, it fitted my 7 yr old fine.

Other tips?
- We booked entertainers to give a Moshi-themed party
- we played the Moshi music CD
- we had a Moshi b'day cake (from Sainsburys)
- Face paints from W H Smith (Snazaroo brand)
- I ordered pre-packed Moshi party bags from the internet, along with themed plates, napkins and a balloon, which I got filled with helium. They got delivered in 3ish working days
- I made 'slime'(lime jelly with cut-up red shoelace sweets as 'worms'
- I made jugs of 'soda toda' and 'essence of blue' - ask your child!

Hope that helps and that your party goes well - let us know!