Monday 2 April 2012

Standstill at The Grove in Eltham

It's just over a year ago that Greenwich Council's planning board approved the Grove Market Place hotel/supermarket redevelopment plans for the Eltham site but works are not yet underway, the derelict site is causing problems and finances are causing doubts about the work beginning at all:

From the News Shopper:

"YEARS after it shut, an Eltham site is still awaiting redevelopment while residents complain rats and flooding are causing a health hazard.
Planning permission for The Grove in Church Road took years before finally getting approval 12 months ago, following the rejection of a previous application and a successful appeal by developer Eltham Renaissance......"  Read the rest of the article here.


Marion said...

No great surprise there then but where is this 'Church Road' they're talking about?
They must mean Court Road but I suppose that's a minor detail!

Raven said...

You're right, I wondered that too. Must mean Court Road. Small but important detail for a local newspaper to get wrong...