Thursday, 29 March 2012

London Mayor and Assembly elections 2012

Candidates have been announced for the 2012 London Mayor and 25 member Assembly elections on 3 May. See below for Greenwich & Lewisham.

These elections have three parts: you will be voting for:
- the Mayor of London
- the 14 Constituency London Assembly Members and
- the 11 London-wide Assembly Members

So that's a whopping three elections in one go. You will be given three ballot papers when you vote.

1. the PINK coloured ballot paper for your London Mayor vote 

You can make a first and second choice from the list of candidates who will either be part of a political party or standing as an independent candidate. The candidates are:
  • BENITA Siobhan - Independent
  • CORTIGLIA Carlos - British National Party
  • JOHNSON Boris - The Conservative Party Candidate
  • JONES Jenny - Green Party
  • LIVINGSTONE Ken - The Labour Party Candidate
  • PADDICK Brian - London Liberal Democrats
  • WEBB Lawrence James - Fresh Choice for London

2. the YELLOW coloured ballot paper for your Constituency London Assembly Member

You can make one vote for the candidate you would like to represent you in your local area. Candidates will be part of a political party or standing as an independent candidate. The candidates and political parties will vary between each constituency, but you can only vote in your local constituency. Candidates here. SE constituencies discussed below.

3. the ORANGE coloured ballot paper for your London-wide Assembly Member

You will be able to make one vote for a political party or an individual standing as an independent candidate. The parties or independent candidates standing are detailed below. Political parties put forward a 'party list' of individuals who will be elected if they get enough votes. You can find out the individuals on each party's list by clicking here

For more information visit the ‘How to vote’ page for 'London elects'. You need to register by 18 April to vote.

Homing in on the yellow ballot paper...the current London Assembly constituency map looks like this. That's six Labour constituencies and eight Conservative ones.

About half of the 14 Constituency London Assembly members have just been announced:

Here's Greenwich & Lewisham:

1. CULNANE Tess – National Front Putting Londoners First
2. DUVALL Len – Labour Party Candidate
3. OAKLEY Paul James – Fresh Choice for London
4. RAYMOND Barbara – Greenwich and Lewisham People Before Profit
5. RUSSELL John – London Liberal Democrats
6. SEDGLEY Roger – Green Party
7. WILSON Alex – The Conservative Party Candidate
8. WOODS Roberta – British National Party

Woolwich born and raised Len Duvall was first elected as an AM in 2000, and retained the Greenwich and Lewisham seat in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Interesting that both the BNP and NF are standing in the same constituency, as they are in some others...

And Bexley and Bromley:

1. HANNER Josie - Labour Party Candidate
2. CLEVERLY James Spencer - The Conservative Party Candidate
3. COBURN David Adam - Fresh Choice for London
4. ROOKS Jonathan Scot - Green Party
5. TREANOR Donna - British National Party
6. WEBBER Sam Dunning - London Liberal Democrats

Lewisham born James Cleverly was elected for the Bexley and Bromley constituency in May 2008.

If you're interested, here was the 2008 result for Greenwich and Lewisham:

The London elects website (from which much of this info is drawn) and Snipe are very good on the elections.

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