Monday 21 September 2009

The price of ten minutes

Thanks a bunch to the b******* who trashed our car this weekend. Having smashed almost every single window, with nothing valuable to nick inside, I can only assume you do this for kicks. It's hard to keep up the bleeding-heart liberal stance, I can tell you...

A little tip for more local readers - don't EVER leave your car in the South Eltham Park car park (on Glenesk Road, SE9). I was forced to do so only once, this Friday night. I missed the car park barrier being locked by 10 minutes (they've never been that strict before, and the parkeeper normally gives a heads up to the parents in the playground). I know legally I should have paid heed to the new tattered signs roped to the trees, but as the charming and sympathetic PC Madden (from Plumstead Police Station) said, it wasn't my fault that the car was vandalised. That was nice of him. And so I had to leave the car there overnight, Friday night, only for my husband and five-year old to find it on Saturday morning - not a very nice sight for him. The price of that ten minutes has been hundreds of pounds, loss of our 'no claims bonus', and having to schlep the school runs and work without a car.

It's a very lovely park otherwise, with promises of a cafe to come. Just don't leave your car there!

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