Thursday, 22 October 2009

Questions of our time: freedom of speech, tolerance and the new media

Whilst following much of it, I’ve been pretty silent here on the hot blogsphere topics of the ‘left’ during the last week or two. We’ve had:

- ‘freedom of speech’ issues (the Jan Moir piece on Stephen Gately , Geert Wilders’ visit and the BNP on Question Time) and

- the traditional media vs new media (the 2.0 web success resulting in the records complaints to the PCC about the Moir piece)

Other bloggers have been saying it so much better (and quicker!), as linked above.

It will be interesting to see how the BNP plays out on Question Time tonight (BBC1, 10.30pm ). Will Nick Griffin expose himself? Will he come across as a credible politician with views on a range of (non-race related) topics? Which of the other panel members will be most effective/useless against NG? Will Bonnie Greer prove to have been a good choice? And perhaps most importantly, following the programme, will there be a rise in support for the BNP?

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