Monday, 15 March 2010

Edith's Streets of London

I've come across a curious yet strangely mesmerising blog recently. Just what is Edith's Streets? And who writes it? Or am I the only one who's not in on this?

The blog says that it "records notes about London (and Greater London) streets - what the buildings are, what the background is. These pages have been compiled over many years and from many sources - its not intended to copy from other people's work. Each post represents a square on the Ordnance Survey grid -hopefully I have included the references and got them right."

So far, the blog seems to have concentrated only on South-East London, covering, for example, parts of Eltham, Lewisham, Hither Green etc in great detail. The posts are full of fascinating facts and bits of history.   I'd be grateful for any light which anyone can shed on this blog.


jamief said...

Yeah me too! Ive tried to find out who writes the blog because I desperately wanted to ask her/him a question based on one of her write ups!

Raven said...

Well let me know if you ever find out!

Ken H said...

Re: Edith's Streets of London. Does anyone know how to access the old site (as illustrated here ) I have used it for years, and seem to recall it had more info than the "new blue site", which is much harder to navigate, and more a blog.