Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Camping it up again

I've just got back from three days of 'family camping' - yes, we did that crazy, strange thing again that I wrote about last year:

"More recently, the family and I have been - are you sitting down - 'camping' (I can only ever imagine that word said quizzically and in my mother's Indian-accented English). Yes, camping is where you work very hard most of your life to pay for and equip a lovely home with luxurious mod cons (well, we have, er, two TVs) and you leave it all behind to cook and sleep in...a field....". Read the rest here.

This year though, our 'family team' actually won one of the competitions. Each group was given an A2 piece of paper and had to use natural and rubbish materials only to make the flag of the world cup country which they had drawn. We had Spain - so bands of yellow and red leaves, with a little fancy-shmancy work by hubby to make the shield. It was good, if I do say so myself. (pic to be added when downloaded) and so were the others (eg. 52 daisies set out and stuck down on a blue background for the stars in the USA flag).

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