Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Blythe Hill Fields Festival, 3 July

We attended the 4th Blythe Hill Fields Festival last Saturday, in south-east London (kind of near Brockley, Catford, Forest Hill...). It was a blistering hot day - by the time we were ready with the kids to venture out at about midday, we decided that this smaller festival might be more up our street than the larger, busier, Danson Park Festival (although that sounded tempting too).

We made an excellent choice. I'd never been to Blythe Hill before - what a revelation that this piece of hilly parkland, with its new playground (with a sand pit!) and magnificent big sky view should exist here.

There was live music, craft and food stalls, donkey rides, ceramic painting and a beautiful Punch and Judy show in the dappled shade (my photo above) of a big beautiful tree. It felt very relaxed. I'm guessing that it's the sort of event that was down to few dedicated community-minded people - well done.

When we could persuade (i.e bribe) our two children to sit, we enjoyed watching the live music on the non-threateningly sized stage  - it was great to lounge around on a rug, or on the scattered hay bales, munching a picnic. My picture is here is of the stage during 'pack-up' - I was too distracted to take one earlier when there were loads more people, honest! Unfortunately we missed Dads Aloud (has anyone every seen them? what are they like?) but at the end of the programme we caught the Nzinga Dance African drumming group and the Brockley Ukelele Group.

Happily, my dad-in-law joined us for the ukulele set because he's just been given a ukulele for his birthday to occupy him in semi-retirement.  It was one of those great days - we'll be there next year. I'll let you know the date when I hear.

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BobFromBrockley said...

Hi, I was there too and had a lovely time. I wonder if we crossed paths.

E-mail me if you think you might be able to make Saturday night's drink at London Bridge bobfrombrockley at gmail dot com . A few Greenwich and Lewisham bloggers attending.