Saturday, 17 July 2010

French holiday villa with surprising extras!

I've been busy trying to organise the children's summer vacation,  (I mean, just how do parents cover 67 of the kids' annual total days off school when you only have 27 days annual leave, the hubby's only willing to take 20, and you also want to try and overlap to have a family holiday?!)

Anyways, rant over... I've also been trying to arrange our family holiday away for during part of that time. For the last few years we have rewarded ourselves with a luxury week away, usually in France, and with our own private pool. However, searching today on the internet, I didn't reckon on finding this hidden extra (circled in red, above) ....!!

That aside, over the last few years we have covered a lot of the south coast of France:

- the first year in 2007, we were near Avignon, in a little village called Eygalières, some 10 km from its more famous neighbour St-Rémy-de-Provence
- the second in 2008, near Carcassonne ("Outdoor swimming, castles and French horses' bums!")
- and the third in 2009, in Lorgues, near Nice/St Tropez ("Back from South of France" and "Hello from France, Cote D'Azur")

This year, I'm trying to book something towards Perpignan, close to the Spanish border - do let me know if you have somewhere near there to rent out for a week this August!


bob said...

Glad to see some people leave it even later than me! We're also facing the 67 days of school holidayds into more or less the same amount of A/L, and struggling. Extended family make a difference - but ours is small and not based in London, so to exploit it we create transport logistical problems.

We've now got it down to 5 days in the summer unaccounted for. So then there's the dilemma of leaving your loved ones in some scary and anonymous kids club type hell...

Anyway, hope it works out, private poo or otherwise!

Raven said...

Yey, we've just booked - more on that another time...

and our loved ones will be in a 'kids club hell' for some of the time I'm afraid, though it is based at their primary school (oh my god they're going to become institutionalised).

The kids love it and beg to go...(wonder why that is?)

Like you, most of my extended family is far - otherwise we'd follow the Indian practice of bussing them to grandparents for six weeks...

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