Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Eltham firefighter and undertaker

Someone pointed out to me that a recently well-established Eltham business had been in the national newspapers this week. The Daily Mail story said:

"A striking firefighter is running his own firm of undertakers which offers services including a ‘magnificent’ farewell firework display incorporating the deceased’s ashes.

Dean Wilson, who works full-time for the London Fire Brigade, is also managing director of Dean Wilson Funeral Directors, which operates from premises in Eltham, South-East London.

He even produces films on how to organise the perfect funeral. His family-run firm, set up in 2004, provides traditional funeral services as well as such extras as a Scottish piper, a singer, a New Orleans-style jazz band and a string quartet.
Customers can also have ‘their loved one sent skywards as part of a magnificent final firework display’.
Last week The Mail on Sunday revealed that one in three of London’s 5,900 firefighters is holding down second and even third jobs."

It was a seemingly bizarre story - what was its point?  I pass this premises frequently - it is on the Well Hall Road (up the Shooters Hill end), close to the Eltham Cemetery and seems well-kept and well-run. Occasionally I've seen black coach and horses parked outside in full plumage.

But then the final line of the article gave it away. Aahh it was a 'anti-firefighter strike' story.   I have to agree with one of the comments on the online piece - no-one seems to complain when MPs hold down multiple jobs, while on a public salary, and at far greater rewards.

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