Sunday 12 December 2010

On the buses

I came across this excellent blog - London buses: one bus at a time. It seems that some intrepid retired ladies set out to travel the whole length of any given bus, one at a time, and then give us a little write-up of their what they see, complete with little bits of history, links and their photos. Locally I was interested to read about:

- the 124 bus, Catford to Eltham High Street
- the 126, Eltham Crescent to Bromley South and
- the 122, Crystal Palace to Plumstead

and for those from the other side of London town, hailing from my childhood towns of Northolt and Southall, the 120 is covered - Northolt Station to Hounslow Bus Station.


Marion said...

Eltham Crescent? I think you probably mean Southend Crescent.
It had never occurred to me that Chequers Parade is named after the old Chequers Pub. It's a bit of a walk to where the pub was. A bit like Plaistow cemetery not being near to Plaistow, I suppose.

I think that 'Ladies who bus' is a great idea. I might take it up too!

Marion said...

Oooooops........ I think I posted that in the wrong place!

Raven said...

Yes, Southend Crescent I think (I blindly copied from the Buses blog!). It's a nice blog, let's hope they keep it up.

(I think you are in the right place!)