Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Axe freezes over BBC Asian Network

Alesha Dixon at the Asian Music Awards
Following the announcements last year about closure of the BBC Asian Network (my post on it here 'Axe hovers...'), I was glad to see in the press in recent days news of its reprieve. Here's the Guardian's take on it:
"The BBC has reversed its decision to close the Asian Network digital radio station – but will look to cut its budget in half....
BBC executives are understood to have concluded that a national digital radio station remains the best way to reach Asian listeners, rather than a collection of medium-wave services that was mooted as one possible replacement.

The station's audience has already increased by about a third since the closure plan was announced in March 2010 and it had an average weekly reach of 477,000 listeners in the final three months of last year. Management is expected to demand a further increase in its audience, as well as cutting Asian Network's budget." More here.
I must admit that only last night I enjoyed using the 'interactive red button' thingy on the BBC Asian Network via Freeview, to watch last week's UK AMAs at the Roundhouse in Camden, London. The Asian Music Awards are like the Asian MOBOs and reflect a growing and influential music scene - I don't think those awards were broadcast anywhere else, at least I'm not aware (and didn't Alesha look great in a sari - she was there along with Tim Westwood, Apache Indian, Jay Sean and a lot of younger people!)


Anonymous said...

I must admit that the BBC Asian network has improved.

I think you should urge your readers to get DAB radio. Some of the stations available in London: BBC Asian Network, IBC Asia, IBC Tamil, Kismat, Sunrise, Spectrum, Panjani, Punjabi etc...

Although, all of which are in Mono. The clarity is very good.

Also, on FM you can pick up NuSound on 92.0 FM. It is broadcast from East London, but depending on the day, you can pick up in West London. But probably the only Stereo radio station.

Raven said...

Thanks, that's a good list and I skim those stations sometimes. I think there's also a 'Desi Radio' on DAB. I hadn't heard of NuSound and will look out for it.