Monday, 28 March 2011

Joining the London blogosphere (soon!)

Oh how very nice. From the Guardian's, David Hill's Metropolitan Lines last Friday:
"London blogosphere
Last week I declared my firm intention to get a whole load more London blogs added to my Top London Bloggers aggregator page. I have, of course, failed to do this. I offer in mitigation my assurance that this noble work is just about in progress and the following links to some of the blogs that will benefit from it in a tiny but tenderly-meant way: Crosswhatfields; London Masala and Chips; The Charlton Champion; E-Shooters Hill; Chislehurst News. Visit them all. And watch this space."
Look forward to it!

In the meantime, just to remind you that David Hill is currently running round parts of London for charity. He's raising money for Shelter. You can sponsor him online at his Virgin moneygiving page.

He is documenting his runs on his Guardian blog. At the top at the moment, there's a lovely write-up about 'Leg 21 - Bexley to North Woolwich', amongst other SE London areas, complete with delicious bits of history and links.


bob said...

Congratulations on reaching the big time!

Raven said...

Well thanks, though lord knows why I'm in that list (all assuming, of course, that you're not kidding me...)

Marion said...

Raven's hit the big time!
Quite right too.