Thursday, 10 March 2011

Event: 'Just how bad is the mainstream media?'

This sounds an interesting event if you're in the area - it includes Richard Peppiatt, the bloke currently causing a stir with his resignation letter to the Daily Star proprietor Richard Desmond (read that letter here)

Just how bad is the mainstream media?

Monday, March 14 at 7:30pm

The Monk Exchange
Strutton Ground

With Suzanne Moore, Laurie Penny, Anna Chen, Mark Lewis, and Richard Peppiatt

This is just off Victoria Street (round the corner from where I used to work at Westminster City Hall, once upon a life, at the same time as Shirley Porter's awful tenure there - used to be a decent weekday market in Strutton Ground, not to mention a rather nice cave of a wine bar...)


Marion said...

Oooooh. That brought back memories. I used to spend many lunch-times poking around the market in Strutton Ground when I worked at the Crown Agents in Millbank in the mid 60s.
A bit too far to go now though.

Raven said...

Small world. Must have been interesting around there in those times. I also enjoyed having the Army and Navy store oppo City Hall on Vic St. Didn't there used to be one in Lewisham too, where the massive police station is now?

Marion said...

That was Chiesman's. (May possibly have been Army & Navy for a while afterwards though).
I had my wedding reception in their restaurant in 1962. I still have the receipt. A three tier wedding cake for £8.10.0d, if I remember correctly. Those were the days.