Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Greenwich day by day

I came across a real labour of love at the Greenwich Guide website - a collection of day-by-day happenings in and around Greenwich. Greenwich Day by Day is written by David Male (Copyright © 2005 David Male).

Naturally it focuses on Greenwich proper but there are two mentions of Eltham, both occurring in the current month of October:

Oct 23
Frankie Howerd Centre named 1988. One of the UK's best-known comedians, Frankie Howerd, lived in Eltham from the age of two and a half, at 19c Arbroath Road and 5 Legatt Road, Eltham, attending Woolwich County School (today's Eaglesfield School, Red Lion Lane, Shooters Hill), returned to rename St Barnabas Church at Rochester Way as "Frankie Howerd Centre".

Oct 25
a) Geoffrey Chaucer d. 1400. ... It is said that Chaucer may have lived in or near Greenwich between 1385 and 1399. ... Chaucer's day job was Clerk of Works to Richard II. There is a story of Chaucer setting out from Westminster to pay the workmen at Eltham Palace. When he reached New Cross he met Richard Brerely and three others who robbed him. Chaucer returned to Westminster where he again collected the workmen's wages and set off once more for Eltham. This time he reached the "Fowle Oake" at Hatch End where he had the misfortune to run once more into Richard Brerely and his gang. They took not only Chaucer's money this time but his horse as well!
Be warned, the listing is very addictive once you start reading...

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