Saturday, 9 October 2010

Greenwich in the Story of London

Ok so I've totally failed to blog in time about the 'Story of London' festival 'celebrating London's past, present and future'.  I've been clinging on to the Time Out programme for the last couple of weeks.

But I thought it was still worth mentioning. Lots of the events look interesting even if they would have happened without this Mayor of London-organised festival - that has provided a convenient badging for a number of these events (eg. the Gandhi in London walk which I blogged about the other week.)

There's still one event, and a FREE one at that, to catch for us south-east Londoners:
Sunday 10 October:

Exploring the Archaeology of Greenwich Park

Take a guided walk around Greenwich Park, examining the fascinating archaeology while considering the 21st century usage of the Park, including the 2012 Olympic Games. The walk will start with the unique geological, topographic and prehistoric position of the park within London.

Explore the sites of the buried Romano-Celtic Temple, Anglo-Saxon barrow cemetery, medieval castle and examine the Baroque formal landscape, designed for royalty and today enjoyed by everyone. 
A handout will be provided with information about the sites visited and further reading.  The walk is limited to 30 people. 

Start time: 10:30.    Cost: Free

Meet Outside the Pavilion Tea House, in the centre of Greenwich Park, London, SE10 8QY

To book:   or  Tel: 0207 973 3738

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