Friday, 9 April 2010

Eltham North candidates announced - Will Eltham turn blue?

In case you hadn't heard, there's an election coming. PM Gordon Brown has called the national election for 6 May 2010. There are loads of brilliant political blogs covering that, and very entertaining it will be over the next month or so.

But firstly, on the same day the local elections will also take place. In my borough, Greenwich, people will be voting for their three councillors to represent them in their ward; there are 17 wards in the London Borough of Greenwich. Those standing for election in my local ward, Eltham North, have just been declared - they are:

Bird, Emily - The Labour Party
Blackburn, Helen - Liberal Democrats
Borland, Bernie - The Labour Party
Davenport, Rowena - British National Party
Drury, Spencer - The Conservative Party
Fletcher, Nigel Mark - The Conservative Party
Marnham, Janice Mary - The Labour Party
Poston, Dermot David - The Conservative Party
Randall, Edward John - Liberal Democrats
Shubert, Elliot - Liberal Democrats
Turner, David - Green Party

Eltham North is a blue ward (Conservative) in a red borough (Labour) at the moment - I'm hoping the first colour will change. I'll try to bring news of any local happenings, especially any blogs by candidates.

You can check this pdf document for the candidates for any of the other Greenwich wards.

The 2006 local Council elections results for Eltham North were:

Eltham North Ward (turnout 50%):
Name / Party / Results:
Spencer Drury / Conservative / 2344 / ELECTED
Nigel Mark Fletcher / Conservative / 2096 / ELECTED
Anthea Hilary Gent / Liberal Democrats / 1015
Maresa Anne Kingston / Labour / 1220
Janice Mary Marnham / Labour / 1084
Dermot David Poston / Conservative / 2164 / ELECTED
Marek Daniel Alexander Powley / Green / 584
Edward John Randall / Liberal Democrats / 1083
Judith Spence / Liberal Democrats / 871
Arnold Edwin Tarling / UK Independence Party / 634
Christine Walker / Labour / 1165

Back to the national General Election, some pundits have been betting on the Eltham constituency turning Conservative - Labour's Clive Efford became Eltham's MP in 1997. In the 2005 elections his majority was reduced to 3,276.

These were the Eltham results in 2005:
Candidate / Votes / Share %:
Clive Efford, Labour 15,381 / 43.6%
Spencer Drury, Conservative 12,105 / 3 4.3%
Ian Gerrard, Liberal Democrat 5,669 / 16.1%
Jeremy Elms, UK Independence Party 1,024 / 2.9%
Barry Roberts, British National Party 979 / 2.8%
Andrew Graham, Independent 147 / 0.4%

I hope Clive Efford will do as well (at least) if not much better this time round. I hope to be writing some more soon about the local campaign - the leaflets have been dropping already...

In the meantime, following my South-East London MPs post, you might be interested to see these London-wide predictions a while ago by The Standard for the London seats - as you can see, they have Eltham swinging:



Anonymous said...

Cklive Efford is a lazy good for nothing sod and I hope he gets his marching orders

raven said...

Clive is quite well-thought of locally by many. He's not a 'Westminster man' and is clean as a whistle on expenses. His voting record has been good too. Of course discontent with a national govt may reflect on an otherwise popular local candidate of the same party, we shall have to see.

Anothertom said...

Eltham resident said...

Unfortunately the Conservatives winning back Eltham will get harder and harder as the demographics change. In the 1990s Eltham was a very different place, with nicer people, more affluent families and it also had a significantly better shopping environment. Today Eltham is full of good-for-nothing people. Whether African, Asian or White - the average resident of Eltham is becoming less and less desirable.
The Conservatives will win Eltham back, but Labour running the Council and the parliamentary seat simultaneously means they will move more residents into the constituency through council housing and therefore getting more votes. It sounds absurd but it's exactly what's going on. Down with Labour's dirty tricks.