Thursday, 8 April 2010

Review of The Infidel

Oh dear, oh dear. The Telegraph's review today:
"David Baddiel's and Omid Djalili's film The Infidel makes you wish it would just go away: Rating: * * 

The problem with David Baddiel’s script for The Infidel is simple, because it’s the same as the problem with David Baddiel. It fires off plenty of smart, funny quips — it got a Cambridge double first, you know. It makes you laugh, and then you just want it to go away.
Omid Djalili does a great job with what he’s got, which is essentially a stand-up routine about this not very devout Muslim who finds out he’s actually an adopted Jew called Solly Shimshillewitz....." Read the rest.
I guess that was kinda predictable, though it is the type of subject matter which I wish could be good - I think the writer and actor are talented guys. Sounds like it's more suited for a sketch rather than a film, perhaps. You can watch some clips and interviews here.

UPDATE: some better reviews coming through later coinciding with a 'red carpet' UK premiere - for example The Standard raves about it,saying: "The Infidel will be the summer’s funniest film". Blimey. I'm glad. Glad for the cast, the crew and the subject matter.

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