Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The London blogosphere: I've been noticed!

I was pleased to see this rather nice mention in that nice Dave Hill's column in the Guardian, the other week. In the 'Metropolitan Lines' section, under the heading "London blogosphere" this appeared:

"She calls herself Raven and describes herself as, "a woman living in south-east London, working at a London university, raising two children with my husband, and with a research interest in sociolinguistics." Her blog, London Masala and Chips, looks at film, gay love in a Bollywood film, exhibitions, drama, identity issues, books, politics and things to do to entertain your kids. Not forgetting sociolinguistics."

It was really flattering to be picked for his London blog spotlight in his excellent regular London column. As a result I've had a quite a spike in visitors, thanks very much (though still only very shy types!). The only slight concern is that the article appeared on 1 April...


Plummy Mummy said...

Hey well done! I use your blog to find out what's going on around London and I'm sure many others do too.
Also use it to find out what I'm missing. Totally gutted to be missing all the stuff along the southbank this week. :(

raven said...

Thanks - that's nice of you to say so.

Yeah, there's just so much on at the South Bank. But I fear it's too much too soon to be able to get down there this week, what with having to work for a living (drat) and then do the rest...I might see if I can get tonight's debate on iplayer, and link to that.