Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Which is the best London film?

With the London Marathon taking place this weekend, starting down the road from me in Blackheath, it felt fairly topical last Saturday night to be watching the film Run Fatboy Run (2007).  This British comedy is about an unfit and unambitious man (Simon Pegg) who decides to run a marathon through London to impress his ex (Thandie Newton) who is about to marry someone else. Who cares if it was 'formulaic' - we found it funny and loved the London setting.

I was interested then to see a call by the The Londonist for people to vote for their favourite London film, the top five of which would be screened by Museum of London. The number one film will be shown at the opening weekend of the Museum of London’s brand new Galleries of Modern London on 30 May. The remaining movies will be shown from August to November as part of their ongoing programme of London-themed film screening..  You can nominate your top films here.  You have until midday (UK time) on Monday 26 April 2010.

Which film would you vote for?

These are some of my favs: Absolute Beginners, Alfie, Bend It Like Beckham, Cheeni Kum, London Kills Me, The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, Sliding Doors, Withnail and I.   Oh dear, all a bit old aren't they.


Plummy Mummy said...

ooooooooh ummmmmmmmmmm:
Love Actually
Run Fatboy Run
Lock Stock and two smoking barrels
Oliver (very old I know but surely it counts)

Oh I can't decide right now!

Raven said...

Picking one of anything is always difficult isn't it. I agree on Oliver btw.