Thursday, 29 April 2010

When three tribes go to war

Well, it's over. The last in a historic series of three televised debates between the leaders of the three main UK political parties. They've been taking place on each on the last three Thursdays, with the general election. of course, next Thursday 6 May.

There will be much brilliant analysis on the many political blogs (see my blog roll), so I'll leave that to them. I was following some of the comments on the Liberal Conspiracy live blog. Childish though it is, I did like this one:

"Dave thinks he's Moses, but he's actually Bertie Wooster". #leadersdebate

I've found the parts I've been able to watch utterly fascinating.  On immigration they were all competing to give the toughest answers, nobody saying anything positive about immigrants - and was it deliberate to get a black man to ask the immigration question?  Gordon Brown seemed to be accepting an underdog role which is an interesting, if risky, strategy.

I wonder what the legacy of the debates will be. Will they now become a fixture at each general election? Will Cleggmania come to something? Let the polls roll in now about who 'won' tonight.....

Update: the BBC's Nick Robinson has just said that he thought nobody won except perhaps 'the public'...

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