Sunday 30 January 2011

Austerity bites

Our local MP, Clive Efford, has been speaking out and is in the national press.
He has responded to the following suggestions by Commons Leader Sir George Young that 'Austerity' might be a popular girl's name.
"On his blog, the wealthy baronet wrote: ‘Looking at the New Year Messages from our political leaders, tough times lie ahead. The Victorians gave their daughters Christian names resonant of the spirit of their time – Charity, Patience, Chastity, Grace and Prudence.

‘Having read the predictions for 2011, I predict that The Times list of the most popular girls’ names for the year may include a new one – Austerity." 
 The Daily Mail report continues:
"Former taxi driver Clive Efford, Labour MP for Eltham, South-East London, said: ‘The grim effects of the Government cutbacks are not some Victorian parlour game. Many people are genuinely fearful for the future of their jobs, families and livelihoods in the coming months. I am sure Sir George does not mean to sound patronising and uncaring, but I’m afraid that’s how he comes across.’ "
Well put, I thought, though an alternative girl's name suggested in the 'Comments' is 'Pennyless'...

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