Tuesday 4 January 2011

Charity Eltham minibus stolen

I know all property is supposed to be theft, but this theft really is below the belt. From the New Shopper today:
"MEMBERS of the Sunshine Club are desperately trying to find their stolen mini-bus.

The bus was stolen from Glenure Road, Eltham at some point between December 17 and 20.

Hundreds of elderly and disabled people who depended on the services of this mini-bus have lost their means of transport between the club’s events and their homes.

Mick Shanks, a volunteer mini-bus driver for the club in Bercta Road, Eltham has taken it upon himself to have 300 leaflets printed.
He will distribute them to shops and people along Eltham High Street in the hope that someone will have seen the bus or knows its whereabouts.........." Read more


Anonymous said...

That really is dreadful.
It's a pretty big thing to keep hidden. I'll keep my eyes open.

Raven said...

It is terrible. I didn't see any leaflets around the High Street today. I imagine though that the bus is long gone from Eltham.