Thursday 27 January 2011

Eltham cash machine users beware

A warning to Eltham cash machine users from the police, via This is Local London:
"PEOPLE using bank cards in Eltham have been advised to stay vigilant after criminal devices were attached to cash machines in the area. 

Police say the ‘loop’ device, used in Eltham High Street, prompts unsuspecting customers to re-enter their PIN into the cash machine.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the customer finds that the machine will not return their card, wrongly believing that the cash machine has retained it.

In reality the thief, posing as another frustrated customer memorises the PIN and removes the device and card once the victim has left."
Terrible. Though I'm not sure yet whether I can be bothered to respond to the bitter and racist 'your say' comment at the end of that Local London piece....


Marion said...

Thanks for the tip.
I always go inside the bank to use a cash machine. I doubt if they're immune but I should think you stand a slightly better chance of problems like this.

Marion said...

Ahem... Of course that should have read....a slightly better chance of AVOIDING problems like this. tut!

Raven said...

I agree using the machines inside is a good idea (though in the past sometimes I've felt a bit vulnerable if in there on my own.)

Shocking to read about this so close to home. When do the crims fit these devices to the cash machines? Don't people see them?