Sunday, 9 May 2010

Avery Hill Park Cafe protest

A bit of very local news...

Avery Hill Park users are protesting against a decision by Greenwich Council about who will run a new park cafe. For the last five years the popular Javier Pias has run Le Cafe in Avery Hill Park in Eltham but his tender for a catering contract has been unsuccessful.

Locals might remember that the previous wonderful cafe burnt down in October 2005 - it really was a haven then for parents with young children and prams (as we were then - I remember warming up many baby milk bottles there...sigh). But mindless vandals saw to that.

Mr Pias has been coping quite well albeit operating out a 'graffitti-art' covered steel container. A few weeks ago the playground area was dominated by building works, and we wondered what was afoot. My photo on the left shows the state of site at the end of March (click to enlarge).

Around 30 people visited the park to protest against the Council’s decision and support Mr Pias - Friday (May 14) is due to be his last day.  It's a tricky one isn't it - the current owner is popular with locals and has become part of the landscape; on the other hand the Council want to improve the services and site and are legally obliged to tender and choose the best business model. What do you think? [Top photo credit: New Shopper]

I wonder how things will be sorted out by the time of this event:

Saturday 10 July 2010, 12 - 5pm   
Presented by Friends of Avery Hill Park; near the cafe in Avery Hill Park

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