Saturday, 1 May 2010

Tarnished Gold for Eltham


I was shocked to see this comment (red-circled to the left) on the website of the Tory candidate for Eltham. As he is a candidate in a marginal Labour constituency it is a bit chilling that he may become our MP next week.

Would David or any of his team care to explain the implication of the quote? Or confirm that this reprehensible quote will be removed?   It seems to be a scrolling 'vox pop' box by the way so the comment is not static, in case you look for it.


Anonymous said...

Chilling is the perfect word. To think that Mr Gold had the impudence to criticize the local Labour campaign for scaremongering. The fact that the quote may now have disappeared not after your personal message, but only after the vile statement was brought to wider attention probably tells us a lot about Mr Gold and the local Conservative party.

Raven said...

Too true. Thanks for commenting.