Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Why no-one should vote for the BNP

Transpontine has just blogged about the latest alarming case of BNP violence:
"Yesterday, Cormac Hollingsworth, standing as a Labour candidate for Council in South Bermondsey, was leafleting an estate in the area 'when he was punched three times in the face and kicked. Meanwhile the attacker kept up a stream of insults and shouted pro-BNP slogans'. (full story at TMP online)."

This is the problem about the BNP. When people say that they merely another political party and that they are being demonised for simply talking about immigration, I say which other party attacks its fellow candidates and members of the public?  Apart from their supporters, BNP politicians themselves, and aspiring ones, are not exempt from criminal behaviour. We're also reminded that:

"David Clarke, the BNP candidate for Heathfield ward (Croydon Council) was convicted last week of two separate assaults on anti-racist campaigners who had been giving out leaflets outside East Croydon station. Full story at Croydon Advertiser."

Co-incidently, yesterday the Raincoat Optimist had a brilliant post about why people should not vote for the BNP, focussing on the Barking and Dagenham where Nick Griffin is standing. He also had this useful digest with lots of interesting links:

"Other reasons for not voting fror the BNP, from other wesbites, are:
Greenwich Council has BNP candidates standing in most wards and constituencies - let's hope the electorate are not taken in by them.You really don't want these people running anything.

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You could vote for this lot.