Friday, 7 May 2010

South-East London General Election results on the morning after

Good morning. I see that it's not Tory-geddon but looking hung-ish...

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Main news: 

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 Some other local headlines:

08.05am: Jo Johnson wins Orpington
MAYOR of London Boris Johnson's brother Jo has held the Orpington seat for the Tories.
The Tories won the seat with 29,200 votes, with the Lib Dem candidate, David McBride, getting 12,000.
Labour's Stephen Morgan polled 4,400 votes, while UKIP's Mick Greenhough received 1,360.
BNP candidate Tess Culnane received 1,241 votes, while Tamara Galloway of the Greens had 511 and Chriss Snape of the English Democrats received 199.
The Tories received 59.7 per cent of the vote, with the Lib Dems on 24.5 per cent and Labour nine per cent.
The seat saw a 12.2 per cent swing from the Lib Dems to the Tories.
[from New Shopper]

What a swing - maybe the celebrity factor played a part. BNP candidate Tess Culnane received 1,241 votes - oh dear oh dear. I shouldn't think she's on course to be Mayor of Lewisham where she also stood - those results later.

07.50am:  Results for Greenwich & Woolwich
NICK Raynsford has won the Greenwich & Woolwich seat for Labour.
He received 20,262 votes, ahead of Conservative Spencer Drury, who polled 10,109.
Liberal Democrat Joseph Lee received 7,498 votes, while the British National Party's Lawrence Rustem got 1,151.
Green candidate Andy Hewett received 1,054 votes and Edward Adeleye from the Christian Party got 443.
Topo Wresniwiro from the English Democrats polled 339, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Onay Kasab received 267 votes and Tammy Alingham, who stood as an independent, got 65.
Labour received 49.2 per cent of the vote, the Tories 24.5 and the Lib Dems 18.2.
The constituency saw a 5.1 per cent swing from Labour to Conservative.
[from News Shopper]

07.45am: Results for Eltham just in:


[Tweetphoto - Eltham announcement. L to R: David Gold, Steven Toole, 2 unknowns, Andrew Graham (Independent candidate), Allan MacCarthy (Mayor of Greenwich), Clive Efford]

The Labour candidate got 17,416 votes, finishing ahead of Conservative candidate David Gold, who got 15,753 votes.
Liberal Democrat Steven Toole finished third with 5,299 votes and BNP candidate Roberta Woods got 1,745 votes.
UKIP candidate Ray Adams got 1,011 votes, finishing ahead of Green candidate Arthur Hayles, who received 419 votes.
Mike Tibby, standing for the English Democrats, got 217 votes, while Independent candidate Andrew Graham finished last with 104 votes.
Mr Efford's majority is 1,663 votes and the voter turnout was 67 per cent.
[from New Shopper]


Anonymous said...

Unknowns are Andrew Graham (Independent candidate) and Allan MacCarthy (Mayor of Greenwich).

Raven said...

Many thanks for that - corrections made.