Friday, 7 May 2010

Eltham North Ward results

Eltham North ward results (turnout 75.1%)
Emily BIRDLabour2,338
Helen BLACKBURNLiberal Democrats1,073
Bernie BORLANDLabour2,395
Rowena DAVENPORTBritish National Party686
Spencer DRURYConservative    3,078
Nigel Mark FLETCHERConservative2,968
Janice Mary MARNHAMLabour2,330
Dermot David POSTONConservative2,774
Edward John RANDALLLiberal Democrats1,126
Elliot SHUBERTLiberal Democrats816
David TURNERGreen Party625

[To compare to previous 2006 Eltham North results, click here]

A not unexpected result. Spencer Drury is obviously a pretty high-profile Tory councillor - Tory PCC for Greenwich & Woolwich and Leader of the Conservative Group. And I'm so glad the people of this ward saw sense about the BNP.
Results for all wards in Greenwich Council can be found here. And there's some commentary already on the 853 blog.  I've now got to stop and will be back to blogging this evening...

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