Sunday, 2 May 2010

The PM in Eltham today

Turns out Gordon Brown made a quick stop in Eltham this morning as part of a whistle-stop tour. The Guardian's Dave Hill reports on having had a brief interview with him. When asked, Brown disagreed that Lab-Con marginal voters (such as those in Eltham) should vote tactically for Lib-Dem - carry on voting Labour was his advice, though others seem to disagree.

Photo above: Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown walks with Clive Efford (Labour PPC) and members of the Metropolitan Police and the Safe Neighbourhood Scheme, in Eltham, south London, 2 May. (REUTERS/Lewis Whyld/Pool)
Gordon Brown went to visit Dulwich and Brixton. Tomorrow South-East London sees Nick Clegg, the LibDem leader, touring - he'll be in Blackheath, Montpelier Vale at 10am....

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